National Culinary Arts Month Fundraiser

Help us celebrate National Culinary Arts Month!

Support Employment Horizons’ Culinary Arts Training Program this month.

Employment Horizons’ Culinary Arts Training Program provides training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to work in the food service industry. This training is available to participants in our agency-based program. Participants are able to learn about kitchen equipment, sanitation, safety, food preparation and storage, and customer service in Café Horizons, our in-house cafeteria.

It costs Employment Horizons $300 each month to work with one of the participants in the program. To recognize National Culinary Arts Month, we are reaching out to our families and friends to help us sponsor this training for 4 participants. All donations can be made at our GoFundMe page, and be sure to check our social media accounts and website for videos throughout the month that highlight the skills that our participants are learning.

For more information regarding the Culinary Arts Training Program, reach out to Samantha Oras at For more information regarding the fundraiser or GoFundMe page, please reach out to Emily Mills at

Thank you for your support!

Alec Makes Burgers

Jen Learns Stove Skills