Training Programs

The goal of the Education Initiatives Department is to create new and exciting training opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, providing access to different community job placements. Currently, this program includes Culinary Arts training. We will create new training programs in the future, providing more avenues for career success for individuals seeking employment.

Culinary Arts Training Program

The Culinary Arts Training Program provides training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to work in the food service industry. This training is available to participants in our agency- based program. Our Supported Employment staff provides an opportunity for job search assistance after program completion for those that qualify. Participants are able to learn about kitchen equipment, sanitation, safety, food preparation and storage, and customer service in Café Horizons, our in-house cafeteria.

Training Programs Success Story

How do I get started?

Our culinary trainees are referred from our agency-based employment program. Contact your local DVR office to register and request a referral to Employment Horizons for services. Once you are referred to Employment Horizons, one of our experienced staff will contact you to set up a meeting and begin the registration process.


Contact Your Local DVR Office


Request a Referral

Request a referral to Employment Horizons for services


Contact Samantha Oras, Chief Operating Officer at 973.538.8822 x249 or

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