Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is an assessment of an individual’s abilities, preferences, and support needs related to work using a wide range of formal assessment tools, as well as actual work experience. A Vocational Evaluator and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or Job Coach assist the individual to develop a job goal as appropriate, and recommend additional services. Evaluations last anywhere from one day to several weeks. Transition services, agency-based employment, and supported employment in the community are some of the potential options available after evaluation.

How do I get started?

Our program participants are referred from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Contact your local DVR office to register and request a referral to Employment Horizons for services. Once you are referred to Employment Horizons, one of our experienced staff will contact you to set up an evaluation.


Contact Your Local DVR Office


Request a Referral

Request a referral to Employment Horizons for services.


Contact Liz DeCamp, Manager of Career Development Services , at 973.538.8822 x226 or ldecamp@ehorizons.org.